This is all part of the hardening process of the blade. Evenheats' Set-Pro control can be programmed to automatically soak, for any amount of time desired, once temperature is reached. Bar stock from the mill probably shouldn’t have to be Normalized, especially if it has been annealed. Hint; Avoid getting closer to heating coils than necessary. Double crimp all of the folded edges being careful to avoid having even a pin hole in the foil. Chances are your blade will be perfectly straight from quenching. We temper twice at 500F degrees for two hours each time – to get about RHC61. Must be 18 to purchase. 1084, 1095, AISI 0-1, AISI 0-6 Tool Steel Heat Treat Procedure Quenching is performed in either light oil (we recommend olive old with clove quenches well we find), or a standard quenching oil. Preheat furnace to 1900°F. Heat blade to between 1,400 & 1,500 degrees F. I have a left a piece of steel overnight untempered and found it cracked the next day from the stress hardening puts into the steel. 1080 or 1084 is a high carbon steel with .80% carbon (the 80 in 1080) and is proven, good quality knife steel with good edge retention. Olive oil has been used as a substitute. Special Thanks to Rob Ridley of Ranger Original for this Information. You should slowly agitate the blade up and down or side to side along the thin edge.