Who We Are

The Mission of the Hospital is to provide and place excellent care within reach. Aside from ensuring that each client/patient receives the best possible care, it also includes giving the best medical care at affordable rates always.

The Hospital is committed to bringing healthcare of international standards within the reach of every individual and is further committed to the achievement and maintenance of excellence in healthcare for the benefit of humanity.


  • Patient Focused: We hold our patients in high esteem and treat them accordingly. We respect their opinions, complains and suggestions and work to earn their trust in every encounter they have with us. We also put into consideration, their families/relatives.

  • Disciplined: we are disciplined and we recognize our responsibility to be good stewards of our patients’ health entrusted to us. We therefore meticulously and conscientiously manage our processes, assets and finances to ensure that resources are available to manage and cater for the healthcare needs of our patients at all times.

  • Knowledge Driven: We identify and embrace new techniques, ideas, advancements and demonstrated best practices to keep in pace with the practice of modern medicine and ultimately improve the quality of our healthcare. We are individually committed to improving our skills, knowledge and talents so as to serve our patients/clients better.

  • Trust, Dignity and Respect: Everyone brings value and deserves the opportunities and supportive environment that allow them reach their full potential. We embrace the similarities and differences that help us fulfill our purpose.


Fertile Grand Hospital

The practice of medicine for me is born out of passion. It is a call to serve humanity. I am committed first of all to rendering service to humanity before earning a livelihood from the practice of medicine. To this end, no one is denied access to quality healthcare on account of financial inability.

I am committed to improving the health conditions of patients/clients as well as the community in which we operate. The machinery to enable the Hospital achieve this has been put in place in terms of equipments and skilled manpower. This explains why our services are wide ranged covering fields outside of obstetrics and gynaecology in which I specialize.

I am also committed to keeping in pace with the practice of modern medicine and as such new innovations and technologies are embraced and made available in the Hospital. There is therefore no end to the categories of services that the Hospital can render as new developments and technologies that improve the quality of services rendered will always be sort for and employed. For example, our laparoscopic tower has aided and simplified the process of laparoscopic surgeries as opposed to the conventional open surgical method.

Also, with our in vitro fertilization centre in view, the hope of nurturing children is brought closer to couples with infertility related problems. I strive to achieve all that is stated in the Hospital’s vision and mission and to bring home as much as possible, the age long saying that health is wealth.