While she was out, he misunderstood Dark Vader's placards and eventually agreed with his offer, not knowing that the Amanto's true intention was to take over the Earth. Brown Though, Gintoki intervened the shooting and jumped down to save his friend successfully, leaving Mutsu wondering on what he was thinking then. After the Chidori pirates had been stuffed into the bags and thrown to the sea, Mutsu was celebrated for returning safely, while Sakamoto and Gintoki were completely ignored. Mutsu est une guerrière de Sakamoto, c'est elle qui dirige souvent les affaires de ce dernier. Read Kondou x Sa-chan from the story Gintama Reacts to Ships by captainkatsura2 with 434 reads. In which Mutsu gets her hat and I realize i need much improvement in the comic drawing department Gintama Edits Gintama Fanart Gintama Updates My Art Inspiration Not Gintama Ask me anything Arting | 19 | lumaki-o.deviantart.com | Twitter: lumaki_o Dark Vader. Volume: A redraw I did from the opening for the bby Mutsu birthday uwu!! Followers. Takaya "Takachin" Hachibei voiced by Vincent Tong and 1 other . Mutsu était auparavant le vice-commandant d'une organisation de pirates de l'espace. Press Room The young Yato in return appreciates his stories and knows about his past. no credits needed. It seems that Mutsu stayed in one of the Kaientai ships and waited for Sakamoto, Katsura and Nobunobu, who were negotiating with the Admiral Shijaku. "Thank you for your words, Mutsu-san. Stop that! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Jul 1, 2018 - VK is the largest European social network with more than 100 million active users. 750x800 322kB Height: Mutsu was the daughter of the President of the Chidori. Mutsu rozkazała strzelać do potwora, mimo iż ten porwał Sakamoto. 158 cm (5' 2") She strongly followed what Sakamoto preaches: "Never let your eyes off your duty." gintama • sakamoto x mutsu matching icons (part 1) ♡ please like if you save them! Nobume was a well trained assasin since she was an orphan, she was Naraku's top three assasins at very young age. diamond girl. Discover (and save!) Who's your favorite Mutsu voice? alien (12) This entity or creature was born on another world than the main characters. English VA: Alive Strong Point(s): Mutsu and Nobume are both unreasonably strong. Profile Navigation. Official English Name: First Appearances She is usually calm, collected, and serious. Fanfics / Fanfictions de Gintama de todos os gêneros. During her travels across the universe as a child, she met a younger Umibouzu, whom taught an… Jul 8, 2019 - For Gintama30, a fanart countdown commemorating the return of the TV series. Jul 11, 2020 - Explore GTK's board "Sakamoto Tatsuma", followed by 243 people on Pinterest. Mutsu, angry, put him into one of his bags and had the crew throwing him to the sea. Meanwhile, Gintoki faces … Mutsu saved Sakamoto by taking a direct hit from Enshou's beam sword, and so, she was left out of the fight. Occupation(s): Back in her younger days, Mutsu had short hair and wore a cheongsam-like top with a mini skirt and a long coat. Having boarded on it, the two attacked the Chidori members. Affiliation(s): Past See more ideas about Sakamoto tatsuma, Gin tama, Anime. Race: All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. She has brown eyes and light brown, straight hair, which is loosely tied behind her back. Tabitha St. Germain. "Anima d'argento") è un manga comico giapponese scritto e disegnato da Hideaki Sorachi. Two years after the end of the war, Sakamoto put a lot of money into cryptocurrency, but lost it all, which forced him and Mutsu to temporarily disband the Kaientai, so they could gather some money and join the Kaientai again. After the events of the Rakuyou battle, Mutsu along with Sakamoto, Katsura and his men, Gintoki and his Yorozuya and Tokugawa Nobunobu, were planning to negotiate with the Altana Liberation Army to stop the rising war. Quite the same Wikipedia. , es el segundo en comando de la flota mercedario Kaientai . She claimed to have picked up the Tosa accent from Sakamoto. Episode: sudokumaze. At one point, some of the Amenotori staff realized that Enshou activated the Hinokagutsushi, a massive weapon that has the potential of destroying the whole Earth, and so, they sided with Shijaku and released him and the Kaientai, with Nobunobu, Sakamoto and Mutsu. Even a Matsui Stick Can't Handle Some Kinds of Dirt ... Mutsu gets sick of Sakamoto after his idea of selling bags with room for 50 million falls flat, and dumps him in the ocean. Gintama' (2011) Opening 2 یکی از اوپینگهای مورد علاقه ی منه که به نظرم فوق العادس امیدوارم شما هم خوشتون بیاد لایک یادتون نره کانال ما رو دنبال کنید 44 kg (97 lb) When the remaining pirates, including the leader, tried to escape, she threw Sakamoto and Gintoki into the cannons to destroy them. Follow/Fav Lovers' Ships. @LJ! Japanese VA: Yato Tribe Mutsu was the daughter of the President of the Chidori. #gintama #gintama art #gintamafanart #gintama mutsu #gintama opening #gintama anime #myartwork #anime #shonen jump #anime fanart … Ver más ideas sobre Anime bebe, Parejas tiernas, Personas especiales. lett. They take on odd jobs, everything from finding lost kittens to saving the… Sagaru Yamazaki voiced by Adrian Petriw and 1 other . About Mutsu (陸奥, Mutsu) is the second-in-command of the merchant fleet Kaientai. In which Mutsu gets her hat and I realize i need much improvement in the comic drawing department. Ver más ideas sobre anime, kamui gintama, yato. Gintama (銀魂? I wouldn't want to worry Kotoro. Founded in 2001 as the first anime & manga recommendation database. Elizabeth (Gintama) Mutsu (Gintama) Manga Spoilers; Post-Canon; Summary. Down to the last cent. Photos of the Gintama (Show) voice actors. It was then revealed that she had modified the ships without Sakamoto's knowledge. ... Sakamoto x Mutsu Gintoki x Tsukuyo Katsura x Ikumatsu Hijikata x Sougo ... Gin-san! xihe. 2016 - พินนี้ค้นพบโดย hoshinoyako ค้นพบ (และบันทึก!) Gintama Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Leia as melhores histórias escritas pelos fãs de Gintama com Mais de 5 mil palavras sem a tag Sádico - Mais populares Privacy During her travels across the universe as a child, she met a younger Umibouzu, whom taught and told her his adventures as an alien hunter and his own past. Mutsu: That was the last time I saw him. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Make sure you comment, rate, & subscribe for more content. Age: Anime Mook Intama Gintama Original Sheet Selection E Chenma Mutsu Description Product detail reproduction original picture 1 piece / B4 size / This product with mount is bintama GINTAMA Original sheet SELECTION E It is a single piece of Tatsuma amp Rikuo reproduction original picture in 5 pieces set . After the battles in Rakuyou, Mutsu meets Umibouzu again in the ship's emergency room, smiling and saying her wish to hear more of his amazing stories. ... Well, I don't want to be trapped here forever, so maybe I can ask Tatsuma-San or Mutsu-San when we can head back to Earth. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Terms Professional Status It was not until then that Gintoki learnt that Mutsu was a Yato. Sep 30, 2015 6:55 AM. Since then, the pirate ships became a merchant fleet known as Kaientai, with Mutsu being the second-in-command under Sakamoto. samurai, completed, kondo. Episode 15 Drawing. Gintoki Sakata ... Mutsu voiced by Tabitha St Germain and 1 other . (Sfx- Shuuuuhhhh *fwhooooooom*) Shinpachi: M—Mutsu-san.. Just what…. Plus tard, lorsqu'elle apprit que sa flotte voulait … Recent Top. Reputation. Follow. your own Pins on Pinterest Main Gintama ° Cast . When they finally made it to Enshou, Sakamoto shot him down, but Enshou was saved by a collar he always had on him, so he took his beam swords and the fight started for real. Characters, voice actors, producers and directors from the anime Gintama on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. Cookie Just what does fate have in store for Edo?! As a result, she was raised as a pirate and, at the age of 14, she became the Vice-Commander of the group's 2nd Division, which was completely against her will. Holy crap! Mutsu pulled it out and aimed at him, but not before the other Renhos aimed their guns at her. It is a sequel to the Gintama anime series which has been on hiatus since 2013. The Amanto, aliens from outer space, have invaded Earth and taken over feudal Japan. Mutsu was said to be a yato with well combat experience , can easily stop and destroy an airship bare hands. July 7 / Cancer android (2) An android is a robot or synthetic organism designed to look and act like a human. ©2021 All Rights Reserved. In the Renho Arc, however, she got angry when Sakamoto had been playing Uno instead of thinking of an actual plan to save Earth. As a Yato, Mutsu has smooth fair skin and constantly wears a sedge hat to protect herself from sunlight. Present However, when Mutsu got inside a tunnel, it turned out to be a trap, as the doors closed and she was visited by her old subordinates. Mistakes, glory, good, evil, dreams, deeds, everything in our wake comes on board. Support Mutsu (陸奥, , Mutsu? ) Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Privacy Settings Things once got to the extent that she had to install a homing device in his pistol, … This time, I'm going to collect what I own in full. Akeno Watanabe Create lists for what you've seen & read, watch over 40,000 legal streaming episodes online, and meet other anime fans just like you. Saved from deviantart.com. 621 images (& sounds) of the Gintama cast of characters. Elle n'apparaît que dans quelques passages, elle reste donc encore un personnage mystérieux. She then woke up and defeated all the pirates surrounding Sakamoto in a matter of seconds. Romanized Name: gorilla (1) no description set human (8) Modern humans are the only extant members of the subtribe Hominina. Mutsu is a character from the anime Gintama. During their years of running Kaientai, Mutsu and Sakamoto made a business transaction with Dark Vader. Follow. 19-ago-2020 - Explora el tablero de Ren Yakumo "sakamoto x mutsu gintama" en Pinterest. GINTAMA (Side text- What has Mutsu the underground merchant given Shinpachi….?!) As planned, Mutsu tried to make a deal with Dark Vader, thus buying more time for the others to disguise and sneak into the tribe's ship. . พินของคุณเองใน Pinterest The studio making the new season is BN Pictures, a new subsidiary of Bandai Namco Entertainment. Cancel. Gintama ‪Season 3‬ ... time has frozen for everything and everyone except Gin-san, Kagura, and Shinpachi! Log in Sign up. This is because her "natural idiot" leader Sakamoto Tatsuma is always going MIA (missing in action). Mutsuu: I haven’t a clue. Mar 19, 2018 - Explore Gintama Arabs's board "Gintama *my edits" on Pinterest. 20.06.2017 - Автор пина:Barnsa. Elle a un regard vide, et semble être intéressée par rien. As a result, she was raised as a pirate and, at the age of 14, she became the Vice-Commander of the group's 2nd Division, which was completely against her will. Mutsu planted a homing device on Sakamoto's pistol, so that she can know where he is whenever he fires it. Even if he couldn’t gather his bearings and remember that they’re on a ship bound for anywhere far past outer space, Gintoki would still know for a fact that it’s not gravity that brings him to his knees. This ship is searching for a future where we can all laugh together, even with all that. Nevertheless, their landing on the planet woke a Sand Bug up and trigger it to attack them. Seeing that the Renho Tribe had gone into action, Mutsu and Sakamoto returned to Earth to pick up the Yorozuya, Katsura Kotarou and Fumiko to show them how the Earth had fallen into the tribe's hand and ask them to stop the Renho. Katakuriko Matsudaira voiced by John Novak and 1 other . Who do you want to hear next? As the Amenotori ship was falling to Earth, she stayed in the ship and waited for the ship to finally crash against the Earth, but she survived. Anime/Manga Gintama. Despite being Sakamoto Tatsuma's subordinate, she is the one running the company, instead of the usually-disappearing leader. While Gintoki and his Yorozuya went back, the Kaientai and the Jouishishi, with Nobunobu, headed to the Amenotori ship. Mutsu-san. rakuyo, abuto, kamuixoc. It was at this time that Mutsu learnt about "business" from him. your own Pins on Pinterest Tatsuma Sakamoto/Mutsu, Mutsu (Gintama), sakamoto tatsuma, gintama are the most prominent tags for this work posted on November 15th, 2015. Gintama is famous for breaking the fourth-wall with audiences a lot, so I intend to do that somewhat in this fic. 銀魂 Gintama, dosł.„Srebrna dusza”) – manga Hideakiego Sorachiego oraz adaptacja telewizyjna na jej podstawie. Due to the robot's gigantic size, each of them controlled each part of it, with Mutsu being its right foot. Space Pirate (formerly)Merchant Aug 23, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Виктория. 2254. Mutsu Mutsu (陸奥) Birthday: July 7 Zodiac: Cancer Age: 24 Height: 158 cm Weight: 44 kg Eye color: Light brown Hair color: Light brown Mutsu is the merchant fleet Kaientai's 2nd in Command, but is de facto the one running the company. They have been indexed as Female Adult with Yellow eyes and Brown hair that is To Shoulders length. 26 ธ.ค. Two Years Later "Signature removed" #11. Yato (12) Alien race from the anime Gintama. FAQ Sitemap. She wears a blue suit and a red scarf under a purple cape, with her pants tucked inside her black boots. Status: Yoru no ō . 23.01.2019 - Lejla hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Mutsu: It’s a weapon as I said. Elle s'intéressa à lui en le voyant faire des affaires avec les autres prisonniers. Join Facebook to connect with Mutsu Gintama and others you may know. zerochan » Gintama » Mutsu (Gin Tama) Entry by anele on Tue Aug 27 21:58:26 2013. Un jour, elle kidnappa Tatsuma en tant qu'esclave. By using the information leak within Harusame, Mutsu and Sakamoto's crew were able to rescue Kiheitai's Kawakami Bansai from the attack set up by the latter. Elle n'apparaît que dans quelques passages, elle reste donc encore un personnage mystérieux. Mutsu Shinpachi: Those two…. Read Twenty sixth from the story Gintama - Peach Trees {Kamui X OC} by RosieeChanman (Rosemary) with 841 reads. Explore. However, despite her effort to convince him, the negotiation was unsuccessful, and he quickly pointed out that she hid a pistol in her pocket. hassan0297. Discover (and save!) In fact, she used the shooting as a diversion, while she and Gintoki sneaked abroad their ship to save her boss. Weekly Shounen Jump Chief Editor 週刊少年ジャンプ編集長, https://gintama.fandom.com/wiki/Mutsu?oldid=66677, Kaientai, Yorozuya, Katsura and Elizabeth vs. Oct 5, 2020 - Explore Ayano Tateyama's board "Gintama", followed by 105 people on Pinterest. By: AL19. Advertising Meanwhile, Sakamoto, floating on the sea, was picked up by the Chidori for the second time. Light brown Gintama OP4 - Kasanaru Kage - Hearts Grow FULL HQ - â ¦ Pixiv Id 3397346, Gintama, Mutsu (Gin Tama), Fanart, PNG Conversion, Pixiv, Fanart From Pixiv. Some time after Sakamoto was picked up, Mutsu's father died. Following Friends Follow Unfollow Chat . 900x1000 486kB Information Gintama (jap. Relations Appears in Gintama (Series) Gintama 銀魂 ぎんたま by アニプレックス & Aniplex Pixiv Id 4640291, Gintama, Mutsu (Gin Tama), Fanart, Fanart From Pixiv, Pixiv. Hearing this, Mutsu decided to use herself as a bait and let the slaves, including Sakamoto, escape; however, in the end, she was saved by them, as they took over all the ships from the pirates and threw them to the sea. Sugita-san, Kugimiya-san, Sakaguchi-san Thank you for accompanying us with your "epic" voice acting xD Looking forward for 3-cours! He and his gang, however, are also among the very few who have not forgotten the morale of a swordsman. Pixiv Id 4640291, Gintama, Mutsu (Gin Tama), Fanart, Fanart From Pixiv, Pixiv The episodes from the anime television series Gintama° (銀魂°) are based on the Gin Tama manga by Hideaki Sorachi.The series premiered in TV Tokyo on April 8, 2015. MUTSU porfavor vuelva no mame :'v, Souka se fue y volvió pero de igual manera está muerta, se fue Shika, Charly no sabe si quedarse o irse está que va y viene, de tanta gente que se va hasta yo cada vez me muero más :"1 Voiced Most Times By: Akeno Watanabe (in 3 titles) Total Actors: 2 Appearances: 3 Franchise: Gintama. Later, when the negotiation had ended, Mutsu quickly pointed out what was wrong, but Sakamoto ignored her, still believing that the Renho Tribe wanted to protect the Earth. Mutsu: Shinpachi… Where have your generals gone? High quality Gintama gifts and merchandise. Do Not Sell My Personal Information Découvrez des t-shirts, posters, stickers, objets déco et autres produits du quotidien sur le thème Gintama, personnalisés par des artistes indépendants du monde entier. 4 มิ.ย. Eye Color: The Chidori planned to kill Mutsu and the slaves to make the supervisor of Chidori their new President. Female At some point, the Chidori picked up Sakamoto Tatsuma when he was floating the sea on a haystack. Though, during the negotiation, her boss did nothing but vomiting. Mutsu-san *holds up a gun* 12 Watchers 3.6K Page Views 1 Deviation. - When her own leader got captured, she ensured the safety of the ship's guests before proceeding to help him, even if it meant to kill him. Anime Body Drawing. Along with the others, they managed to get out of the Renho's ship and fought against Dark Vader, who was actually the ship's core - Sagi. However, upon learning of their plan to kill her after her father's death, Mutsu ended up being a member of the Kaientai as soon as the pirates' ships were taken over by Sakamoto. Subtitles, List of Gintama episodes, Gintama - 204. As a result, a prohibition on swords has been established, and the samurai of Japan are treated with disregard as a consequence. After the war we searched the ship… And never found him, or his corpse. What is Anime-Planet? 32335. Then, she stopped the escape pod with the pirates inside with one hand and smashed it only by a punch. Lesson 27 As a result, she, along with the Kaientai crew, was captured and imprisoned. Now, if you could pose for a photograph - ""Of course." Chidori (formerly)Kaientai Explore; Sign In ; Get App ; Featured; Latest; Wiki; Polls; Quizzes; Shared Folder ; About; Mutsu . De hecho, ella es la gestión de la empresa, en lugar de líder general Sakamoto Tatsuma , ya que éste había desaparecido. She was treated and, in a moment of consciousness, she saw how an injured Takasugi Shinsuke left his place, but she didn't knew where he was going. When they were about to leave, Prince Enshou overthrew Shijaku from the Altana Liberation Army leadership and imprisoned him, and then, he imprisoned the Kaientai, including Sakamoto, Nobunobu and Mutsu. ... Ham-san voiced by Vincent Tong and 1 other. There, Mutsu used her last plan: Combine their ships into a giant robot called "Kaien." no credits needed. Later, she was seen having a drink with Gintoki, talking about their first meeting with Sakamoto. Offline Joined: Jul 2014 Posts: 78 With this episode, Gintama once again shows why it's in at the top. 陸奥 Weight: 2013 - View and download this 1560x1100 Gintama (Silver Soul) image with 114 favorites, or browse the gallery. Actually, Mutsu only pretended after killing all of them. Sakamoto: Ahahahahahahahahaha! Just better. Tatsuma Sakamoto/Mutsu, Mutsu (Gintama), sakamoto tatsuma, gintama are the most prominent tags for this work posted on November 15th, 2015. Gintama°: Umai-mono wa Atomawashi ni Suru to Yokodorisareru kara Yappari Saki ni Kue, Gintama. Losing change is a failure unbecoming of a merchant. Date of Birth: Toutes les commandes sont préparées à la demande et généralement expédiées sous 24 heures dans le monde entier. Mutsu Gintama is on Facebook. a-ymoon liked this ... kisemyaesthetic reblogged this from lumaki-san. Mutsu being a Yato? When she was 14, her dream was to run a bakery, where she could poison the cakes to kill the traitors. Voice Actors Are you saying they had the same reason to disappear? Ygiki, Gintama, Mutsu (Gin Tama), Pixiv, Fanart, Fanart From Pixiv. MyAnimeList.net is a property of MyAnimeList Co.,Ltd. See more ideas about Gin tama, Anime, Okikagu. I didn't want to be selfish, but I really needed to be back at the homeless building before I was gone for days. Discover more posts about gintama-mutsu. Although she works for Sakamoto, Mutsu is the opposite of him in terms of personality, acting as the real leader of the Kaientai. Diamond Princess (formerly)Razor Lieutenant Physical strength Anime Drawing. Sakamoto was made a slave and put in jail, where he did his 'business' with the other slaves. Art. However, they still managed to remember it and bid a farewell to him when he left. I definitely would love to see Kamui vs Mutsu … Titles: Our goal is to keep old friends, ex-classmates, neighbors and colleagues in touch. 09-nov-2020 - Explora el tablero de Ñakka Ñakka "Gintama :D" en Pinterest. 2. Mutsu est une guerrière de Sakamoto, c'est elle qui dirige souvent les affaires de ce dernier. Gintama is a story of a handyman named Gintoki, a samurai with no respect for rules set by the invaders, who's ready to take any job to survive. By now, she works at black market, delivering some illegal merchandise, as she did by delivering a powerful weapon to Shinpachi (curiously bought by government officers and delivered to an innocent citizen by them). gintama • sakamoto x mutsu matching icons (part 4) ♡ please like if you save them! Gintama 30 - Mutsu. As for other characters: Mutsu, Otae, Kondo, Hijikata, and Takasugi. #gintama #mutsu #gintama mutsu #late but 4 her bday lol. Japanese Name: ‎Aliens known as the Amanto have invaded Earth and taken over feudal Japan. Comunidad de habla hispana para amantes del manga/anime Gintama. Gender: When the battle ended, and Enshou and Nobunobu passed away, almost everyone of the Kaientai, Kiheitai (who arrived after they were released) and Jouishishi stayed into the ship. : Shirogane no Tamashii-hen - Kouhan-sen, Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2. At one point in the present, when a spaceship crashed into a desert-like planet, and the passengers, including the Yorozuya and Sakamoto, were stuck there, Mutsu came to help them with the Kaientai fleet. Some time later, she sent the Yorozuya a bag stuffed with radishes as a thanking gift, whereas she and Sakamoto set sail and left the Earth. Physical Features 71. As Sakamoto introduced his new product - a bag consisting of 50 million yens inside, he gave them away for the girls working in Snack Smile to hold a party and impress Oryou, who rejected him by throwing a rock at his head. Amidst the chaos, Fumiko released Mutsu and her crew. Mutsu 4 Sakamoto, along with Mutsu and Shogun find out that the virus is a nano virus spread by Uranus Hankai, the leader and only member of 3rd division of Harusame and the second of the three mad stars. She waited for Gintoki, Katsura and their comrades to arrive in the battle to rescue Takasugi. Notice at Collection ... #Gintama #mutsu #sakamoto tatsuma #sakamutsu #myart chara-baskerville liked this . Not long after, Sakamoto and Gintoki revealed themselves in the center of the Renhos, whereas Katsura and Elizabeth began attacking the ship. Together, they destroyed Sagi (with Fumiko inside) by a great explosion. "And your partner - ah yes, Sakamoto-san, stand next to her - "She would later recall that her smile had been carelessly thrown out, just for the sake of the magazine photograph. As soon as everyone had been saved by Sakamoto, Mutsu decided to shoot the bug under his order, despite knowing that Sakamoto was still caught by the bug and he would die if she did so. Is this?! Awesome episode. Находите и прикалывайте свои пины в Pinterest! That Takasugi-san… Is still alive, somewhere? Wherever they go, all they do is to create troubles. Nevertheless, as Sagi exploded, everyone was caught in the explosion, and they were taken care on the Renho's "Whitezabeth," where their memory about the whole event was cleared by Elizabeth. Elle a un regard vide, et semble être intéressée par rien. See more ideas about anime, gin tama, sakata. Before then, she was the Vice-Commander of the 2nd Division of the Chidori, a group of space pirates that made money by selling slaves. Chapter: Mutsu has the same voice actress as Gou Matsuoka from Free!, Tayuya from Naruto Shippuuden and Akane Fujisaki from SKET Dance. Nov 29, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Toilet tK. 198 notes. 24 In this strange new era, a man named Gintoki Sakata with the heart of a samurai, and the odd company he keeps, have found a way to stay self-employed. @tumblr! Hair Color: When the Chidori threaten to kill Sakamoto if the Kaientai did not surrender, Mutsu fired at their ship without any hesitation, seeing this as a chance to kill Sakamoto by herself.