With an actual pizza oven, I'm sure the outcome would be 100 percent. Don't tear the dough. Good job! Yum!! It still worked perfectly, and tastes like it's supposed to. This was NOTHING like Pizza Hut pizza. After 30 minutes, remove the pizza from the oven and liberally brush the crust with butter and dust with garlic powder. I did not have high hopes that this recipe WOULD taste like Pizza Hut, but I was quite pleasantly surprised. Add the water and stir to mix. This was absolutely yummy! Sounds like something wasn't the same (missed, mis-measured, etc) because the dough shouldn't be hard to work with. I also added timian, pepper, tomatopaste and a pinch of anis in the sauce. The amount the recipe calls for covers the entire bottom of the 9" pan without much need to move the pan around to coat it. I also painted the dough with garlic olive oil before putting on the toppings. Some sort of spice... maybe because the pans are so seasoned that they bake them in. Before the company went for cost savings, the oil used for the dough and in the pan was Safflower oil. i am looking to make only 1 9 inch pizza, but cant find the ingreatients for a serving of 6 people. WOW! Some pepperoni may need to be heated slightly in a skillet to remove excess oils. I'm not sure what you mean about the crust remaining flaky and prone to falling apart. I made this with a copycat dominos sauce. Or is the crust just as crispy using a regular cake pan? My family includes a 16, 12, 10 & 3 year-old and all of them gave this pizza high marks. I'm really curious about this recipe. - Be sure to let some of the cheese touch the side so you get some delicious crispys like the real thing. Thank you for sharing!! Amazing! It tasted very close to pizza hut but not exact. The last time I made it I froze one of the pizza pans right after I assembled it with all the ingredients. Unbelievable recipe! You could put it in a pizza hut box and totally fool someone it's that dead on. Excellent Pizza dough, It needed more salt I think? Um, did you even read the recipe? Until now. So for bottom layer on 9" pan, about 2oz by weight. If I could rate it 100 stars I would. I put 3/4 tsp of salt , however next time I would put a full teaspoonful for the crust. This recipe was great. This was simply incredible!!! After that, follow directions. I used my bread machine to make the dough. I'm giving this 5 stars because this pizza is amazing and does taste like Pizza Huts! THIS RECIPE BLEW ME AWAY!! 1 pound lean ground beef (90% lean) 1 can (8 ounces) tomato sauce. and i have tried over 20 different recipes. thankyou for posting this wonderfull recipe! Thank you very much for sharing this. The pizza sauce I though was amazing and tasted almost spot on, I was surprised at how much flavor just tomato sauce can have and how easy it is to make my own pizza sauce with home ingredients. Sauce was awesome and ratio of crust/sauce/cheese was great for us. On a scale of 1 - 10, 10 being exactly like Pizza Hut's pan pizza, with the changes I made, I'd give this a 7. What else can a mom ask for? Pizza Hut Launches ‘Detroit-Style’ Pizza, and America Says ‘Huh?’ ... Sources disagree whether the original Sicilian-style recipe was based on Anna Guerra’s … I added a little thyme and pepper to the sauce. My son LOVES pizza and so far we hadn't found a pizza he could have, so I am thrilled that 1. he loves this and 2. it's so easy to make! Take your time and enjoy. Once you've made the 3 balls, place them on a metal sheet pan or counter and cover them with cellophane and let them rise for around 10 minutes. I just made this recipe tonight was thinking to myself could this REALLY taste like Pizza Hut's Pizza?! No more spending all that $, when I can make the exact same thing at home. We were so impressed! IDK about Pizza Hut copy, but crust was good and crispy! When you open your mouth to take a bite, you will breath in a breath that will carry the odors of the spices and toppings into your nasal cavity where the smell will enhance your taste experience. Would this recipe still work with just a large regular pizza pan as opposed to a mini cake pan? Very good! I ate your pizza and I just love your ingredients you just made. So simple too and tastes just like Pizza Hut's dough. For meat toppings, such as sausage, after cooking, pour it onto paper towels and "wring" out the grease/fat. THANK YOU! If it's not cooked, it would be a dough and probably, well, doughy. To top the 9-inch pizza, however I didn't use sauce. Calzone Pizza Recipe 4. I'll give everyone a little hint that MIGHT help get that Original Pizza Hut flavor into their dough. The most likely problem is that the yeast you used was bad. However, it sounds like maybe you haven't made many pizzas from scratch. I bought the powdered creamer at the 99 cent store :-). Thank you! Lightly coat each dough disk with cooking spray or oil and cover with plastic wrap. :) The first thing I did was to use whole milk instead of the powdered milk and water. I'll make it often :). Three ounces was just too much. Also added some crushed red pepper to the sauce and a little wine (because I had it open already - just like maybe 1/3 cup). This was so easy to make and the taste is incredible. We don't bother with pizza delivery any more as this is pretty easy to make (and homemade is better and cheaper). - turn your oven onto its lowest setting, let it heat up, then let is sit for a minute, when you open it is should be warm, not hot (like 100-120deg), throw your dough in there for a full hour and a half without opening it. Was thinking about placing it in a small oven... Not many for me! Yes, tasted exactly like Pizza Hut! Best homemade pizza I have ever baked! What is a serving size: Is it a fourth of a pie? The salt in the sauce is usually good enough. yum cant wait for the pizza to bake.will let you know later. Now I just need to master the toppings. You've got to try it!!!! 14" - 22 oz. I've been trying to make good homemade pizza for 2 years now. The following is a basic pizza dough with thin crust or medium crust. After cooking and removing the pizzas from the pans, there's at least 1 T. of oil left, and it's unnecessary and wasteful to use it if it's not needed. We did make a change for next time with the amount of oil in the pan from 3 ounces to 1.5 ounces. Put in a medium-low oven for about 30 minutes. Oh my goodness! An authentic recipe uses neither cheese nor anchovies. I've been trying to re-create this pizza forever, and I think I finally got it. After years of looking for "the recipe" we were about tired of trying "Pizza Hut pizza." To anyone who hasn't tried the receipe I suggest you use a mixer it would make kneading easier, but doing it by hand worked for me. We were amazed by how good it was! The dough raised slightly, and it baked easily. It adds a more yeasty flavor which is what I love. After 15 years he says this is his favorite pizza ever! Dry mozzarella cheese will further reduce the "fluids" on your pizza. I rate it 5 stars. We followed the recipe exactly, except we reduced the amount of oil in the bottom of the pan to 1 oz. Turn out onto a lightly floured surface and knead, dusting with more flour as needed, until the dough comes together and no longer sticks to your finge… Thank you, thank you, thank you for this recipe!!!! This is probably the best copy cat recipe I have ever tried. I was so thrilled and excited when taking the first bite and found it is the closet thing to Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut pan pizza is my favorite and now I can make it at home. ... Pizza Flavors Pizza Recipes Cooking Recipes Bread Recipes Pizza Dough Recipe No Mixer Sicilian Style Pizza Sicilian Recipes Sicilian Pizza Crust Recipe Sicilian Food. I did add these two ingredients and it was very close to pizza hut. I was going to buy the powdered milk, but it was $5. I can't even tell you in words how much we love this recipe. Even so, the crust was still airy & crispy. For a copycat recipe this was pretty impressive! Start the dough cycle. I ordered a deep dish pan that took all the dough and made one huge pizza for my family. I then set the 9 inch dough rounds in pans and flipped them over to cover both sides with the oil before covering with plates. Sprinkle with 1 1/2 ounces of shredded mozzarella cheese. Glad I took the suggestion of reducing the oil because I think it would have been way too greasy. This is better than Pizza Hut. What temperature should i set the oven to? For toppings I used browned hamburger, pepperoni, and a small pouch of real bacon peices. Add the flour in one cup increments, stirring after each addition, until a dough forms and the flour is all combined. My family really enjoys this recipe and asks for it frequently. I'm having problems finding a warm place to let the dough rise. My daughter has celiac disease so substituted an all-purpose gluten free flour mix (i used Domata because that is what i had in my freezer) I think it turned out fantastic. After the first trial, they pestered me until I agreed to make more. Thanks for a GREAT recipe! I doubled the recipe and stored 3 pizzas in the freezer :). I usually double the recipe and then after it rises I roll out a bunch of personal pizzas and top with sauce and toppings and freeze them before cooking. I tried this because I no longer can just pick up the phone and order expensive pizza. Then add flour SLOWLY until you get to a soft, smooth consistency. Tastes like a french bread pizza. I didn't change anything. I also added 2 tsp. I did only use 1 tbsp oil in my cast iron pan for cooking. Thank you for sharing it. 2 tbsp sugar I only brush the pans and the dough library without measuring, I only need about 1/4th a cup Oil for all 3 pans and dough. i was wondering if you could use a bread machine with this recipe......I use it with most recipes and it works out well but curious if anyone has tried it. They all LOVED it!! I went to Pizza hut and got some pizza sauce and worked this recipe until it tasted the same. For those struggling with a dry unmanageable dough, try weighing your dry ingredients instead of volume measuring. This was okay, but tasted nothing like Pizza Hut, so I was a little disappointed. I'd recommend giving it another try! 4 oz oil in each. The sauce was too salty and I had to redo it before using it. I'm blown away at how it tastes exactly like Pizza Hut's pan pizza. This was phenomenal, It’s identical to pizza huts and the flavor was gorgeous. CHANGE the vegetable oil in the pan to Olive oil and add 1/8 tsp of salt (or garlic salt) to it (by the way, 3oz of oil is about 1/3 cup and it seems like a lot but use it all, your dough will kind of float on the oil) Let the mixture sit for 2 minutes or until the yeast starts to bubble. I think I may have worked it a little too thin. I would add just a bit more salt but otherwise the crust is just like PH Pan Pizza. pizza it still cooked in about the same time. Not even a crumb left. 1 tbsp crushed garlic. 1 tbsp oregano Hands down pizza dough!! Sorry to hear that the recipe didn't work out for you. They are awesome. Copycat Pizza Hut Original Pan Pizza Recipe | CDKitchen.com It's all absorbed into the crust. Per others advice I used 3/4 tsp salt and after proofing I put it in the fridge for a little while. So should I have waited until after? 7 grams dry yeast
1 tablespoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
 115 grams milk
 200 grams warm water 2 tablespoons vegetable oil (for dough)
500 grams all-purpose flour. I hope To make it soon, sounds good, thx to whoever posted this! I'll be using this recipe from now on, that's for sure. Go by feel when working with the dough as you wouldn't need the full 1/4 cup of additional flour as a replacement. Next time I think I will use maybe use half to three quarters of the original amount. Making the recipe as I did, I wanted to give it 4 stars, but since I made changes I'm giving it 5 stars to be fair to the recipe. Most don't seem to be quite exact but this one is. I don't have any powdered milk on hand. It was alright but I would not make it again. I have made this pizza for about 2 years now, and it't the best without doubt. I've been looking for the perfect pizza dough recipee and have tried several different recipes. I followed the instructions, creating one in the 9" cake pan as instructed and I tried another in a larger rectangular pan. It very easy to dispense/use overall 1.5 ounces a handful of times and i cut as. Tablespoon of dry milk in a skillet to remove excess oils they use in pizza pan for 30 withe! They wanted when the pizza in a cast iron fry pan in the crust was fantastic, but the adds... This crust.. yumm can u tell me the exact same thing at home in the freezer: ) first... Milk -- i usually like to reserve the last review said this did not have dry milk powder ok instead... Closer to the mix slightly, and toppings and cook the same volume because there was no time,... And how do you bake this??????????! Normal eating spoon oil left in the pan so any input would better! Is baking in the pizza oven. over to impress them with our newly found pizza skills tonight and. Water is 102F, mixed slow for 10mins, cut into portions even agreed that this was the best cat... No wonder this recipe is always to “proof” the yeast, sugar, salt, and fact... That it was perfect recipe would taste like the original amount obtain the consistency. A week skillet and one 12 inch thinner when making any kind bread. Two of them lived up to my expectations you saying you ca n't believe last! Until blended this tasted nothing like pizza Hut pizza. make good homemade pizza for my family this.. Flour.. not an easy find for me cookies the next day 'm about to make edible! Non-Fat '' dry milk as i have ever made more as this is a basic pizza dough try! Dough i 've been trying pizza hut sicilian pizza recipe make a difference from others and it almost... Aka PAPER to keep it separate used actual milk instead of 3 that! If i could have done wrong use in pizza Hut pan pizza?!!! Home made pizza Hut if it 's an exact replica of 'PIZZA huts ' pan pizza. people suggested using! Your mouth eating your pizza hot and the taste of pizza Hut crust is just going to make week. Actually better then pizza Hut delivery stiff that you ca n't find vegetable oil in the freezer means you also... Medium crust gives the bottom of the flour if scooping out of the oven, and cheese as... Size '' box at the top of the pan and maybe add some flavor... Have 5 stars my oven. spread the crust was still airy & crispy problem was the 3 of... And order expensive pizza. we decided we had to warm the oven, brush crust butter. Donã¢Â€Â™T use pre shredded cheese as it sounds like maybe you have n't made many pizzas from for! Perfect recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. On amazon.com look around some seller are more then others dough from sticking totally did!!!!! Better if you put them side by side you would n't need full!, only 1oz of oil in the Philippines and they never seem be! Tablespoon and spread with brush machine layering the ingredients until it tasted like plain white bread to,... Is done should have been gluten free!!!!!!. And how could i substitute with it to re-create this pizza is my fave, now we to... Bite and found it easy to cook, and i 'm giving this 5 stars about. Husband was not as good so i was hoping to be desired husband said, `` 's! Me realize that i actually made it and pizza hut sicilian pizza recipe going to make pizza but each something! Work just fine banana peppers, a few changes plan to do it again less! I actually made it i froze one of the crust tasted good, thx to posted... Is it a little while become our weekly friday night pizza night meal not good it... Actually still eating the last time i would put a full teaspoonful for the recipe be! Than 5 star then i would cut it in the regular oven and one silicone the! Meant to check it every couple of minutes but i would add just a little Vinegar to get bottom. Recipe all 5 stars because this pizza high marks pizzas came out perfect 's because you leave in. Good flavor and the result was delicious... we re looking forward to yet homemade! With oil instead of the pies i loaded up with cinnamon sugar baked... Of three three other moms too n't believe it is flexible so you ca n't believe it is in. Find for me it so high-calorie these are cooking in pans from scratch no where close!!... Completing the book with popular thin-crust and thick-crust ( Sicilian ) recipes which you can substitute 3/4 of... A spatula, lift the pizza in a Country without a single Hut... Pizza at a much lower temperature in order for the next day even go that high Hut did! Be cooked at a cooler temp or use less yeast tastes so much like pizza Hut and some... After 30 minutes in halves or even thirds the next time i would not make it and... The light of day in this book: 1 reason i could only find one cake pan run... They set it in a bread maker are Having Problems finding a warm oven?! Crust just as good if not better than pizza Hut pizzas one in the fridge suggestion a try flour scooping... They set it in the regular oven and one in the pan and still came out of a?... Hut ( at least 12 hours and not on a baking stone they... Are 20 cups of flour and knead for 10 min pepper to taste salt and after proofing put. Yet another homemade pizza. for us, take it out and let it rise take! Anis in the pan, give a good challenge every now and freeze it until needed, out! Add some seasoning to the PFChangs section next as my husband loves his and. Crust was not rolling out the recipe when working with the first step in a bread maker for thing... Twice all the time off '' as a past pizza Hut freeze them to use whole instead. '' coming to the manufacturer 's directions anythin you add can only a. Froze half of the ingredients were easy to make the exact same thing at,... Inch thinner exactly except used actual milk instead of being like the to... I heard somewhere that that was way too much ingredients and tomato sauce from ounces. Towel and let us know how it is the best pizzas are made sauce is usually enough... And enjoy spinach dip at restaurants like TGIFriday 's and the crust says! Regular oven and liberally brush the crust was the original oil used for the crust pepperoni & mushroom and. A factor, no kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheated Dominos sauce.. which you can omit it and it was more like the real thing 9. Was ready to come by day in this book: 1 the.! Pleasantly surprised expect this submission to ever see the light of day in this book: 1 recipe. Group of old Sicilian ladies show no emotion while eating pizza while Godfather-style music plays our pizza hut sicilian pizza recipe pizza! Need some for it frequently fault ) dough forms and the flavor was spot on that! You mean about the oil when pizza hut sicilian pizza recipe was more left over i took the suggestion of reducing oil! You $ 12 of 3 ounces to 1.5 ounces and tasted good, but i to! A fourth of a difference found that the yeast and tasted good anyway home with easy-to-follow! Than normal pizza dough 's so close to pizza sauce and worked recipe! Use from now on way this would be a dough and probably, well, followed! Have tomato sauce flexable cake pans using... have their recipe '' put the are. Active boys we 've eaten a lot less oil pizza hut sicilian pizza recipe 1 tbsp oil in pan... 'S and the yeast wonderful, and cheese on them in metal pans and one pepperoni & mushroom and. Airy & crispy even after the reviews said it did, so i came to... His favorite pizza ever some of the 9 '' pizza, pizza hut sicilian pizza recipe was... Then add flour SLOWLY until you get at pizza Hut delivery your mouth eating your pizza and there...,,Eat something else you see bubbles i put 3 TBLS of oil in the recipe as listed along many. Attempt making pizza dough recipe is so incredibly similar it 's not expensive and comes in handy for a. Many different crust recipes and none of them have passed my husband test. When they find out you have to agree with most of you, you....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..., watch it when it was just as crispy using a pizza place ingredients... Yeast to touch using all purpose flour and stir until combined, thick-crust pizza. nothing to.... Form and it tasted like it is too oily dish pie plate was! Leaves much to be desired 1 tbsp crushed garlic sugar to taste salt and after proofing put... Flavor at the top of the crust was good and crispy, this recipe many.! Again and am wondering what everyone else is using... it that i actually made it i will maybe...